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Photo Upload

PLEASE NOTE: This service is ONLY to be used as directed by a clinician. We will NOT action any images which have not been requestd by a clinician!

You can upload a maximum of 3 images (limited to 2MB each) using the secure form at the end of this page.

Please be aware that we DO NOT accept video attachments – still images only.

Some useful advice to follow when taking these kinds of photos:
Depending on the area of the body, try to take images in good lighting against a white background. A bit of paper will often do.

Take the image straight on – not at an angle.

Take at least 2 images – one close up ad one in context.

Check the images for focus and blurring before sending and retake if needed until you get ones that are clear and sharp.

It is important to be able to tell the size of lesion, so place a tape measure or ruler alongside it. Alternatively, something like a 5p or 10p coin alongside will be very helpful.

In some photographs, it can be very difficult to tell what part of the body the photograph is of. Please make this clear, either in the photograph, or in the accompanying message. The side of the body (right or left) is also important.

Before you send the Practice any photos, you need to be aware of the following:
Once your images are received by us, please be aware that they may be seen by an admin member of staff working for the Practice before being seen by a clinician, and some or all of the photos may be saved to your clinical record. Once saved the original e-mail will be deleted.

If you are happy with this information then you can send your photos in to the Practice

Photo Upload
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