Attend Anywhere

If appropriate, you can have a consultation online via a video call.  Video Calling is as convenient as a phone call, with the added value of face-to-face communication.   It can save you time and money, and brings your care closer to home.

To enter the Waiting Room Click Here

Only do this if you have been given a video consultation appointment with a clinician

Full user information can be found here Attend Anywhere NHS patient leaflet

What to do if something is not working?

Attend Anywhere Troubleshooting Guide

If there is a technical problem with your video consultation please call

Culbin Medical Practice on 0345 337 1120 and select option 2

Contact your doctors online

Fill out a simple online form to ask for advice and treatment from your GP. To use this service you must be a patient of VARIS MEDICAL PRACTICE (Dr Kelly, Dr Neison, Dr Clarke, Dr Marshall, Dr Munro, Dr Pecchia, Dr Crawford, Dr Reeves).