Minor Injuries

The way you access a Minor Injury Unit has changed.  NHS Grampian have moved all Minor Injury services across Moray to Dr Grays Hospital in Elgin and this can be accessed by calling 111.

You must book an appointment prior to your visit which avoids people gathering in the unit whilst they await treatment.

How to use a Minor Injury Unit:

  • Please call 111 Your injury will be assessed
  • Where necessary an appointment will be made for you
  • Attend your appointment at the Minor Injury Unit

Injuries treated at a Minor Injury Unit include cuts, small burns, sprains, suspected broken bones.  If your injury is less severe, please consider other options available.  These include accessing advice/medicine from your local pharmacy or making an appointment at your GP practice.

For more information on care options, visit http://www.know-who-to-turn-to.com.

In an emergency, you should still call 999 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.

Contact your doctors online

Fill out a simple online form to ask for advice and treatment from your GP. To use this service you must be a patient of VARIS MEDICAL PRACTICE (Dr Kelly, Dr Neison, Dr Clarke, Dr Marshall, Dr Munro, Dr Pecchia, Dr Crawford, Dr Reeves).