THERE IS STILL TIME TO HAVE YOUR FLU VACCINE *Call now* – who is eligible? (click here)

You are eligible to receive a flu vaccine if you are 65 years old or over on 31.03.18 (born on or before 31st March, 1953).
You are also eligible if you are an adult or child who suffers from a long-term medical condition such as:
• Heart or respiratory disease
• Diabetes
• Obesity (BMI >40)
• Kidney or liver disease
• Lower immunity due to disease or treatment
You are also eligible if you are pregnant or if you are an unpaid carer of someone who could not manage without your help

Child Flu Vaccinations:
• please note that pre-school flu vaccinations will NOT be done at the Town Hall Flu Day – please ask at Reception for details of separate clinic dates for this
• Primary school children (P1-P7) will be vaccinated at school

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